Ceremonies with Style

As your celebrant I will create, with you, a stylish ceremony which is specific to you. It will be a ‘one off’ ceremony created just for you. Your ceremony will be a celebration of your life so far and will be personal, warm and inclusive of your family and friends. I can provide you with support and guidance to create the ceremony of your choice. My motto is Life's precious, so let's celebrate it...

My goals and objectives as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant are as follows:

  • To put the needs of the couple to be married above all other considerations.
  • To visit the couple to discuss their needs and to plan the ceremony.
  • To comply with the Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations 1963
  • To comply with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants
  • To recognise the social, cultural and moral significance of the wedding ceremony in the Australian community.
  • To respect the importance of strong and respectful family relationships.
  • To compose a wedding ceremony using information and guidance from the couple.
  • To resolve any conflicting wishes to the best of my ability.
  • To prepare and conduct a wedding ceremony which meets their needs and expectations.
  • To ensure that my personal appearance is in keeping with the dignity of the occasion.
  • To arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony.
  • To maintain a high professional standard of practice.
  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties.
  • To invite and welcome feedback from the parties.

Contact Details: Mobile: 0419 951 351
Email: catherine@cgperthcelebrant.com.au

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