Wedding Ceremonies

The decision to marry is one that is made only after much thought. I believe that you are both unique and that your love for each other and your commitment to marry is special... As an Authorised Marriage Celebrant I am required by law, to comply with the Marriage Act 1961, Marriage Regulations 1963, Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants and associated regulations.

Your marriage ceremony belongs to you

I believe strongly that your wedding ceremony belongs to you, the couple who are planning to get married. It is your special day, one of the most precious and best days of your lives, so your ceremony should reflect this. I can assist you to create your ceremony, and get it just the way you want.

Notice Of Intended Marriage Form

Section 42 of the Australian Federal Government Marriage Act 1961 requires that a marriage shall not be solemnized unless a notice in writing - a Notice of Intended Marriage form is completed. This form must be lodged with your celebrant ‘not less than one month’ and ‘not more than 18 months before your ceremony.’

Proof of identity must be provided to the Celebrant. If you were born in Australia you will need to provide your Birth Certificate/Extract as proof of your identity.

If you were born outside Australia you will also need to provide your Birth Certificate/Extract from your country of origin. If you were born outside Australia and you ‘legitimately’ cannot obtain your Birth Certificate, you will need to lodge a Statutory Declaration and provide a secondary form of identification, such as your passport.

If you have been married before you will also need to provide either your certificate of Divorce or; the Certificate of Death of your former spouse.

*Click here to read and or fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM)...

Wedding ceremony

Vows - Your wedding vows are the most important part of your ceremony. I encourage you to write your own vows, as this will ensure that they are unique to you, personal and yours only. It is your opportunity to express the true feelings that you have for one another and to pledge your love and commitment to each other. Your vows are a demonstration of your wish to share your lives together, a public declaration of the importance you give to your marriage. I will be there to guide you with this is you wish

Readings etc You can include many things in your ceremony including special readings, poems or songs, or special symbolic effects such as sand or candle ceremonies. These may be done by yourselves or you may wish to invite a member of your family or friends or your celebrant to take part.

I have an interesting collection of vows, readings, special symbolic ideas and music that I would be happy to share with you.

Remember the ceremony belongs to you

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